Notable Journey, an acoustic guitar/vocal duo hailing from the Pacific Northwest, performs a panoply of styles ranging from jazz to folk to pop.

Featured vocalist Bhaj Townsend has decades of experience fronting bands, which is evident in her ease before an audience and in her silky, provocative singing voice. Bhaj’s solid guitar work lays the foundation for Gordon Currie’s stunning, intricate guitar accompaniment. Together as Notable Journey, Bhaj and Gordon create an intimate musical experience that takes the listener on an excursion through an array of style, mood and emotion.

Notable Journey is the current incarnation of Threshold, Bhaj and Gordon’s previous musical endeavor, remembered fondly by their fans, back before everyone’s lives got complicated by jobs and other extenuating circumstances. Threshold enjoyed a good amount of success touring west coast venues and festivals, sharing stages with the likes of Maria Muldaur, Donovan, The Montreux Band, Tania Maria, and Pierre Bensusan.

Notable Journey picks up the reins where Threshold left off and is capitalizing on their previous success to reach new audiences with their original vocal and instrumental compositions and the occasional well-regarded classic tune. The inaugural self-titled Notable Journey recording was released October 2018, and is available on CDBaby.

Bhaj Townsend photo © Rosanne Olson

Music was always playing in Bhaj Townsend’s family home. But it wasn’t her music. Like so many music rebels, Bhaj had to sneak her tunes on a radio under her pillow, falling asleep to The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and other pop icons of her youth.

By the time Joni Mitchell, Carole King and James Taylor showed up, Bhaj was firmly hooked on “the song”. She realized that if she wanted to sing those fine songs she would need to accompany herself on an instrument, so she grabbed the closest thing she could find: her brother’s left-handed 4-string guitar.

Bhaj’s first foray into performing was at a talent show while on a family vacation in France. The American teenager took second place and never looked back. Bhaj bought herself a real guitar and through diligent study, practice and performance, all the elements fell into place, including the ability to compose beautiful songs.

She set her sights on jazz and found herself in the clubs of San Francisco, jamming backstage with the likes of Larry Coryell. Bhaj eventually made her way to the Northwest where she met Gordon Currie and formed an enduring partnership.

Bhaj’s influences range from John McLaughlin to Gabriela Quintero, Linda Ronstadt to Christina Aguilera, Joni Mitchell to the Motown Sound.

Gordon Currie photo © Rosanne Olson

Gordon Currie grew up in a musical household, with parents and grandparents who played saxophone and piano. Young Gordon parked himself in front of the family hi-fi, lapping up the jazz and classical records that were played on the weekends.

At age 7, Gordon started learning piano by watching his mother play and by studying the instruction books stored in the bench. However, as soon as The Beatles hit the airwaves, Gordon ditched the keys and grabbed the guitar.

He set about learning every Beatle song published, which gave him a firm foundation in melody, harmony, chord structure, and playing patterns. From there, Gordon soaked up every guitar style to which he was exposed: rock, jazz, classical, folk, world music. Gordon’s deep knowledge of this wide variety of styles is conspicuous in his brilliant, multifaceted playing in Notable Journey.

Gordon’s influences include Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Alex DeGrassi, Bruce Cockburn, and Phil Keaggy.


Our debut recording, released in October 2018!
Acoustic duo Bhaj Townsend and Gordon Currie offer a calming, acoustic and decidedly hi-touch sound...
Their music is easy on the ears, with the instrumental Distant Bells being a perfect example. It’s also a display of some superior fretwork that delivers speed, accuracy and dynamics that are a real pleasure to hear.
Music Connection, Jan 2019
She's Gone floats over a rhythmic soft water-like rhythm, as Bhaj Townsend's voice is easy, warm, clean and never pushing. The guitar solo is never rushed, working the light Latin-like beat, drifting right on bass and then releasing to her lovely voice.
I Don't Understand is an original vocal jazz ballad with clean guitar resolving into Gordon Currie's light blues electric guitar and warm vocal.
Jasmine Wind features acoustic guitar, full, clean marching a bit on the theme of being taken back, delivered in a soft vocal... Love the guitar rings, the support and runs over the end lines.
Distant Bells has chiming guitar entries then rapid-note phrasing, then a return to the theme and building. Clean guitars, ringing expressions, solid holds letting the song sail out by two well-executed guitars.
Into the Universe is a floating, almost seven-minute production with some programming, bass, fingerpicked guitar, Bhaj Townsend's voice never rushing, clear and on point then releasing to a guitar solo and some looping.
Very professional and clean packaging look.
Chris Lunn/Ancient Victories, May 2019



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